Golf Courses these days need solid software solutions that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  Most solutions have monthly subscriptions and costly upgrades.  A prudent golf course should notice whats out there in terms of new technology.  Integrated software solutions are available.  Many Golf POS Software solutions offer integrations with 3rd party vendors.  This can be a very positive thing for a course or a negative for a course.  What happens most often with 3rd party integrations is that your product gets priced down the chain at a much lower price than what you would want.  Price degradation comes into play.  You loose control of what people are offered for your price for golf.

What you want to look for in a POS system is that is it fully integration.  meaning that you can see all of your customer spending, activity and reporting can show you what you need to know to grow your business.  A customers participation at your club is most essential in determining who is supplying your revenues.  Who plays, who comes, who is buying.

With today’s technology a system can provide you with decision making data.  Data should be available to you in the way that you want it and when you need it.  Trying to determine who’s is your best customer should not be a hard thing to determine.  Golf courses produce rich data every few minutes.  Who’s here, who’s on deck, who’s playing.  There is a ton of data available to course owners from the right system.

Make your golf course Point of sale system choice wisely as the correct technology is out there.  Use it to grow your business.




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